The Advanced Leadership Training Project is aimed at a single goal: to take coaches from the level of being trainers and teachers … and guide them to discover their own hidden powers to lead, lift and inspire those that they work with.


Claire Carver-Dias


“A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.”

John C. Maxwell


Designed by Sheilagh Croxon, The Croxon Project is a training program designed with aspiring women leaders in mind. Using a broad range of activities including actual coaching practice, special workshops, guided soul-searching, interactions and diagnostic tools, the Croxon Project aims to produce leaders who can inspire and motivate champions. The course can be adapted to suit the needs of each client.

The Project requires commitment on the part of clients: it is a very intensive program aimed at making life-changing improvements. The course is rolled out over a full year, starting and ending with intensive weekend workshops, and continuing with full-day sessions every month. Topics can include; Vision, Values, Self Awareness, Communication Skills, Conflict and Conflict Resolution, Advocacy, Ethics, Creating Personal and Inspirational Leadership. State-of-the-art technical upgrades are an important part of the curriculum.

For more detailed information on The Croxon Project and to discuss how this program can help your organization develop women leaders, contact Sheilagh Croxon.

Head Coach and Lead of Performance
Athletics Canada’s Paralympic Program.
3 x Olympic Team Member
(2008 and 2012 Coach. 2016 Team Leader and Lead of Technical High Performance)