As well as group activities such as motivational talks and coach and athlete development programs, SyncEffect offers a variety of consulting and mentoring services, working with individuals, business or athletic organizations.


Today I shall behave, as if this is the day I will be remembered.

Dr. Seuss


These are our most personal services, taking clients on a journey of self-actualization towards a desired result.

They are, therefore, designed as intensive sessions custom-designed to serve a particular purpose, and are developed following in-depth discussion with client (or clients) to define that purpose and assess its feasibility.

We work with groups or with single individuals. We work in our own premises or wherever our clients need us to be. We help people gain clarity of purpose, learn to set and achieve goals, acquire more personal confidence in public settings, resolve situational problems, trust their personal vision, define success for themselves… and devise effective plans for getting where they want to go in their professional lives.

If you or your organization are looking to gain more clarity and confidence, develop a bold vision and a detailed plan to reach your potential, contact Sheilagh Croxon to learn more about our consulting and mentoring services.

Founder Performance Coaching Inc.
Lead Mental Performance Coach, Canadian Olympic Committee